Oswego Fire Department Offers Water Safety Tips for Children

OSWEGO – According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths in children under the age of four.

“Whether it’s in a tub or a pool, water of any depth can be dangerous for kids,” Jon Chawgo, assistant fire chief, said.

swim safeThe Oswego Fire Department says that by taking proper precautions, accidental drownings can be prevented.

Your Oswego Fire Fighters have joined Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen” campaign to create greater awareness of water safety to help protect children from accidental drowning.

This water safety campaign offers safety tips and other resources, including bathtub safety, how to identify “dry drowning” and how to keep your swim area safe.

“It’s also important to know how these water deaths in children are happening,” said Chawgo. “This is critical information that all caretakers of young children should know.”

Important safety tips include:

•    Always be in arm’s distance from your child
•    Choose life jackets over water wings
•    Stay clear of drains
•    Install a fence around your home pool
•    Learn CPR and first aid
•    Always have a phone with you to call for help

“Kids love to make a splash, but they often don’t know their limits,” Chawgo said. “That’s why we need to actively watch them when they’re in and around water.”

For more information about water safety, visit http://makesafehappen.com.

Residents are encouraged to call the Oswego Fire Department with questions at (315) 343-2161.