Oswego Health Offers Convenient Urgent Care Hours on Thanksgiving and Christmas

Oswego Health will have convenient holiday hours at its urgent care locations on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Central Square and Fulton Urgent Care Centers will be open both holidays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. During the holiday hours, lab and medical imaging services will also be available.

The Central Square Medical Center is located at 3045 East Ave., in the village of Central Square, while the Fulton Urgent Care Center is located at 510 S. Fourth Street in Fulton.

Community members can have their minor illnesses and injuries treated at the urgent care centers, such as upper respiratory infections, coughs and congestion, cuts or wounds that require stitches, sprains, strains and deep bruises, to name a few.

Oswego Hospital’s emergency department will remain open during its normal, 24-hours a day, on both holidays. The ER is located at 110 W. Seventh Street in Oswego.