Oswego High Top 100 Receive Deserved Recognition

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego High School Top 100 students were recognized for the twenty-first consecutive year.

Several hundred people packed the Oswego Elks Club for the annual “Top 100” dinner.

Top 25 Oswego High School Seniors
Top 25 Oswego High School Seniors

This year, Oswego Rotary, Alliance Bank, the Oswego City School District along with the Elks sponsored this year end event.

The ceremony became a reality in Oswego due to the efforts of Rotarian and former Oswego City School District administrator Ed Caraccioli.

While on a visit to another club, he was present for a very special event which brought together the top students from that district.

He returned to Oswego and presented the concept to the local club.

They not only adopted it, but continued to support it for the past 21 years.

On Sunday evening, Rotary President Terrence Gorman welcomed this years’ “Top 100” and noted how proud and excited he was to be involved in this community event.

Top 25 Oswego High School Juniors
Top 25 Oswego High School Juniors

Individual members the “Top 25” from each class received their recognition certificates from Oswego City School District Board of Education President Samuel Tripp and Oswego High School Executive Principal Patricia Oughterson.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist addressed the gathering and said, “This evening you are all to be commended on this great accomplishment. Your knowledge and pursuit of knowledge is a powerful tool that will provide great success for you over your lifetime.”

Several members of the “Class of 2010” were in attendance for their fourth consecutive year.

All are bound to continue their education at campuses throughout the nation.

The students who were in attendance each of their years included Katie Abramski (St. Lawrence), Andrew Bush (Lynchburg University), Rachel Clark (Stony Brook University), Maia Czarnecki (University of Connecticut), Samuel Czarnecki (Stevens Institute of Technology), Sarah Hill (Northeastern University), Lindsay Johnson (Rochester Institute of Technology), Alexander Kaplewicz (Rochester Institute of Technology), Griffin Mervine (University of Binghamton), Daniel Montagnola (Albany College of Pharmacy), Elizabeth Nielsen (Elmira College), Laura O’Brien (SUNY Geneseo), Mason Rabalais (Auburn University), James Reynolds (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Sarah Skinner (University of  Rochester).

Other seniors at this year’s dinner included Kimberlyn Bailey (Fashion Institute of Technology), Kristen Bartholomew (Ohio State), Rachel Baxter (George Washington University), John Chatterton (SUNY Fredonia), Jordan Mangano (Ithaca College), Zachariah Schrecengost (SUNY Oswego), Amber Scruton (Mansfield University), Nickolas Sterio (Albany College of Pharmacy), Candace Supernavage (SUNY Canton) and Brian Walczak (Clarkson University).

Eleventh graders recognized at this year’s dinner included Cody Battista, Nikole Bonacorsi, Chelsee Brockwell, Dominque Canale, William Clary, Danielle Currier, Timothy Dougherty, Luke Familo, Alexis Gillard, Joshua Hamilton, Justine Harrington, Jacqueline Hondro, Evelyn Horan, Alison Knight, Tyler Kranz, Matthew Krocke, Joanna LeFevre, Tyler Lisec, Hayley Lukaczyk, Anthony Miuccio, Meredith Moshier, Amber Naramore, Laura Naron, Kaitlyn Scanlon and Rebecca Smith.

Top 25 Oswego High School Sophomores
Top 25 Oswego High School Sophomores

The “Top 25” from the sophomore class included Hannah Allen, Kaitlyn Armstrong, Emilie Benigno, Tayler Bowman, Michael Carey, Austin Demott, Danielle Faivus, Victoria Frazier, Monica George, Zachary Gerber, Stephen Hook, Dalton Izyk, Jonathan Kaplewicz, Brittany Kearns, Peter Khamis, Emily Kolenda, Ryan Patrick, John Phillips, Morgan Rabalais, Caroline Reynolds, Aubree Schrader, Eve Simmonds, Matthew Skinner, Cydney Ward and Marcus Wolf.

The ninth graders invited to the dinner included Jacob Annal, Nicholas Bertsch, David Culeton, Dylan Currier, Vincent Dibiase, Lisette Dufore, Alyssa Ferreira,  Jeremy Galvin, Tess Gordon, Alexa Healy, Victoria Jaskula, Frederick Johnson, Travis Kearns, Courtney Kelly, Dylan Lavner, Sarah Mancuso, Elisabeth Michaud, Dylan Morgia, Mackenzie Palmer,  Gordon Pan, Emilea Reiner, Grant Richmond, Leah Weiss, Catherine Wells and Robert Zeigler.

Superintendent Crist noted, “As academic leaders, I challenge you to be leaders of character, humility and humanity as well. Those are the added tools to bring you through the trail to arrive at the summit of individual greatness. Continue to be a model and leader.”

Continuing he said, “I challenge you to extend your leadership beyond academics using all of your tools to guide those who are off the path, provide support for those who lack confidence and direction, and stand as a confident pillar for those less skilled and less able.”

Top 25 Oswego High School Freshmen
Top 25 Oswego High School Freshmen

Oswego High School Executive Principal Oughterson noted, “We can all be great scholars. We can all do what is asked of us. And, we can all do the right thing. It is the person that goes beyond what is expected of him or her and reaches out as a loving human being that is truly the triumphant person as an individual.”

To the seniors Oughterson said, “I wish you courage, autonomy and zest in your new adventures as you begin a new chapter of your lives.”

In closing she challenged the underclassmen by saying, “Continue your positive attitudes, self-determination, and resilience and dare to be a risk taker, while knowing your boundaries. Influence, inspire and support others because you will be a better person for it.”