Oswego Looks To Outside Contractor To Solve Technology Issues

OSWEGO – At its meeting Monday night, the Administrative Services Committee recommended hiring an outside firm to troubleshoot the Port City’s technology infrastructure.

Robert Corradino, president of the Common Council, requested to hire the Bonadio Group of Pittsford, NY, to do an IT assessment of the city’s technology infrastructure, which will include the phones systems to provide recommendations of improving it.

They will check to identify any issues and provide suggestions top correct them so the city gets the connectivity it needs for the system to operate properly.

The Bonadio Group looks at all the components and will help figure out why they’re not working, a company spokesman said.

They can do it “fairly quickly;” somewhere around a week and a half, two weeks at the most, he added.

Councilor Linda DeMassi wondered if it was work the city could do in-house.

The city, however, doesn’t have its own IT department.

The city did what it could, but there are still some nagging problems, Corradino said.

“No dropped call to the fire department or police department is worth it,” he said. “We have to correct the problem. We can’t wait.”

The city has spent money upgrading the DPW and other departments, he said, adding they need to ensure the city’s technology is up to today’s standards.

Among other things, The Bonadio Group’s effort and procedures would include:

• Phone system analysis and review – review routers and switches, troubleshoot connectivity issues

• Office 365 – assess email solution, investigate system downtime

• Perform an analysis of the WiFi environment

• And run vulnerability scans.

The Phase I cost would be $9,500

Funds would be transferred from the General Contingent Account A.1990.0460.

The request was sent to the full council for further consideration.