Oswego Parking Ban Goes into Effect

Parking ban starts at 1 a.m. Tuesday in Port City.

Parking ban starts at 1 a.m. Tuesday in Port City.

OSWEGO – The city-wide parking ban will go into effect this evening (Jan. 17), until further notice, due to the weekend snow storm approaching.

There is no parking on city streets from 1 – 6 a.m.

The following lots are available to the public for free overnight parking:

Parking lot Wright’s Landing marina
Parking lot at Breitbeck bell tower
Parking lot on Burkle Stteet
Parking lot at the Fort Pool
Parking lot at West First and Cayuga streets Lot (along West First Street sidewalk only)
Parking lot on West First Street, south of Post Office
Bronson Street between Ontario and Dorcas (behind Breitbeck baseball field)
West Schuyler Street between Governor and Liberty streets (along the fence)

For questions relating to the winter parking ban policy, please call the Oswego DPW at 315-343-5055.

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  1. This administration is the most generous we’ve ever had. WE recall when Oswego sub-contracted to a company that towed cars if they were parked after November 30th until something like April 1, or maybe even April 15th from 1-6 am. EVEN on totally clear nights, if you FORGOT to move your car by 1 AM, OR you were at someone else’s home and stayed after your ‘curfew’ of 1 AM, you risked this, and boy was that company aggressive since they made their money on this. Cars were damaged if the tow driver hooked to the wrong part of the car. Lot of complaints for lost/broken bumpers, and exhaust systems! The newspaper printed these letters to the editor, so everyone knew not to leave their car on the street!

    We had this experience one of the first years we were in our present home 30 odd years ago. Not a flake, but it was the first night, and we didn’t think Saturday night counted. So,one Sunday morning we had to go to the Police Department, pay our fine, and get to the Port Authority (with no car and no bus back then, and cabs didn’t run much on Sunday mornings). It was a hike! At first we thought our car was stolen!

    This continued for more than a decade, or more. Then a more reasonable mayor waived this parking thing as long as it wasn’t snowing. THAT was a gift, too. Not as good, because unless you watched the news closely, you could miss, but MUCH better than before.

    THIS is the most realistic and kind system. For those without parking with their residents (and I have said for my whole time here, Oswego was built before cars!), having City owned and offered parking lots is a generous GIFT. I wonder how many other college towns offer this? I paid a church $10.00 month to park, but alas, I was tardy (as in sick in bed with the flu/cold) a few mornings, and alas, lost that opportunity. I found a parking spot at someone’s home (who wintered in Florida…it was free since it made it look like someone lived there)…but I had to walk six blocks each way. But I didn’t have to get out of bed when I was sick! And I wasn’t in the way of the church plower who had to get the parking lot ready for school parking!

    I wonder how many folks offered this free lots complain because it isn’t just outside their door! Reality is, you pay less for a house/rental with no parking (usually), and you have this inconvenience. Move to NYC and see what happens in a storm! It’d be bad!

    Thanks for the vent. And thank you Mayor Barlow and Council for your reasonable solutions.

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