Oswego Police To Take Part In Operation Safe Stop Day

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Police Department wishes to announce that it will be focusing increased enforcement efforts to target vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses over the next several weeks.

Additionally, the department is proud to participate in Operation Safe Stop Education and Enforcement Day on April 18.

Operation Safe Stop seeks to promote school bus safety through education and enforcement efforts.

It’s a cooperative project supported by the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the New York State Education Department, the New York Association for Pupil Transportation, the New York State School Bus Contractors Association, the student transportation industry and state, county, city and local law enforcement agencies.

The Oswego City Police Department receives extensive cooperation from the Oswego City School District in its enforcement efforts, and considers the issue of student transportation safety a priority at all times.

Oswego City Police Chief Tory DeCaire would like to remind motorists of the following points taken directly from the Operation Safe Stop website:

It is illegal – and very dangerous – to pass a stopped school bus when the large, red lights located on top of the bus are flashing. Flashing lights mean the bus is picking up or discharging students.

You must stop whether you are approaching the school bus from the front or overtaking it from the rear.

You must always stop for flashing red lights, even on divided and multilane highways and on school grounds.

The first-time fine for illegally passing a school bus is a $250 to $400 fine, 5 points on your license, and/or possibly 30 days in jail.

The department looks forward to partnering with the community in ensuring the achievement of the Operation Safe Stop objective.