Oswego School Board Plans Budget Workshop

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District’s budget process has hit a sizeable bump in the road.

The district was expecting additional state aid, according to Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey.

However, due to the late state budget, the district will use the (lower aid) figure contained in the Governor’s proposed budget.

Dr. Goewey said he will arrange a budget workshop for next week to hash out the 2017-18 budget. With luck, he noted, the legislators will have a state budget in place before the board of education has to adopt a budget to present to the voters.

The district is trying to rebuild some things that were reduced in the 2016-17 budget, the superintendent said. Among them are several sports programs as well as teachers and clerks.

“With the sports that are coming back, that’s bringing more work back into our buildings and on to our fields. We only have three groundskeepers working for us presently. We have 10 buildings. We’re bringing back sports and making more work,” Jim Jackson, CSEA president, pointed out.

The elementary school custodial staff has been reduced to one person one days. The big snowstorm recently “was a nightmare for those guys,” he said.

“I think we need to consider at least putting those custodial positions back in the elementary schools,” he told the board. “It’s a huge hardship for those guys that remain.”

“I don’t disagree with you that we could use additional help in buildings and grounds,” the superintendent said.

At the budget workshop, these will be the kinds of things the board will be looking at, he added.

“It looks like the state may or may not come in time. But those things are all still on the docket,” he said.

At the last meeting, Dr. Goewey projected district expenditures would come in at $82,072,078. The proposed budget is less than the 2016-17 budget of $82.8 million, he noted.

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  1. Great idea to take $4 million out of the reserve fund to put programs and staff back in that were cut. One question Mr. Goewey, where are you going to get that $4 million next year?
    Brace yourself taxpayers!

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