Oswego School Board Recognizes OHS Grads; Superintendent Search Continues

The Oswego City School District finalized the September 24 regular meeting agenda as the board of education met on September 10 at the Oswego High School Anthony J. Murabito Media Center.

New board member Michael McLaughlin, right, is sworn in by District Clerk William Foley.
New board member Michael McLaughlin, right, is sworn in by District Clerk William Foley.

The personnel and finance committees conducted their sessions while the board met for a brief regular meeting.

During the regular meeting Michael McLaughlin was sworn in by District Clerk William Foley. McLaughlin will fill the seat vacated by James Tschudy and his term will expire on June 30, 2014.

Board President Kathleen Allen, Interim Superintendent of Schools Gary Mix and Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell presented the August graduates with their high school diploma.

Completing their high school requirements and receiving their diploma were Timothy Burdick Jr., Shelby Schulze, Schuyler Gardner, Sarah Omundson, Brittany Jung, Alexander Somers, Beau Todd, Eric Waterman Jr. and Matthew Getman.

Prior to the start of the regular meeting BOCES District Superintendent Christopher Todd provided an update on the search for a new Oswego Superintendent of Schools. The deadline for applications was August 30. He noted that the goal is to have a new superintendent in place by January 1, 2014.

Superintendent Mix provided an overview of the opening week of school. He said, “Once  again I was pleased to observe frequent evidence of effective teaching strategies, of high expectations and of very caring and nurturing adults.”

Continuing he noted, “I enjoyed seeing how innocent and enthusiastic our young children are. It would be great to keep this freshness, newness and energy associated with the beginning of the school year throughout the course of the year.”

He encouraged the staff of the Oswego City School District to three challenges.

Mix said, “I encourage everyone to commit to attend two student activities that you haven’t gone to in the past, commit to growing professionally by staying on the edge of your comfort zone and to strive for perfect attendance,” in order to realizing an outstanding year.

A review was given in regards to the State tests and it was noted by Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum Cathy Chamberlain that the district  ranked among the top three in 10 of the 11 areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. It was noted that the seventh and eighth grades at the Oswego Middle School had the top English Language Arts percentage in the county.

District schools ranked second in sixth grade ELA, third grad, fifth grade, and eighth grade mathematics.

Peter Myles, Personnel and Human Resource Director, provided an overview of attendance during the first week of school. The districtwide goal is 95% attendance this year and all but one school were above this mark.

Meanwhile, at the September 5 special meeting of the board a new business administrator was appointed. Nancy Squairs will commence her duties on September 30.

The next meeting of the Oswego City School District Board of Education is scheduled for September 24 at the Oswego High School Anthony J. Murabito Media Center with the public session expected to convene at 6 p.m.