Oswego Teen Crusades To Assist Human Concerns Center

OSWEGO, NY – A 13-year-old Oswego girl wants to know: Can you spare a square?

Emily Bradshaw, the self-proclaimed face of the homeless in Oswego County, is continuing her crusade to fight poverty, assist the homeless and others in need.

Emily’s Mission was created last year and has performed a variety of community service projects.

Her new project is doing a paper products drive team challenge for the Human Concerns Food Pantry from now through November 20.

“Can you spare a square?” the teen asked rhetorically.

“Paper products, including toilet paper, are NOT covered by food stamps,” she said. “Can you help us stock the food pantry for the upcoming winter.”

Emily is seeking donations of toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, napkins and other paper products.

She hopes to get students in the Oswego City School District involved.

The Buc School has already reportedly signed on to lend a helping hand.

Information regarding the project has been diseminated to all of the principals of the OCSD.

“The Buccaneer Junior/Senior High School is supporting Emily’s efforts to help collect paper products for the local food pantry because it will help our greater Oswego community. Our students volunteer in the community a great deal; it is a part of our overall program at the school. That means they see the needs of our community’s people first-hand,” said Deb Smith, BUC principal. “They, like Emily, feel a responsibility to help others in need. They know that families often need paper products which are hard to purchase if a family has no income. Even those community members using food stamps cannot get paper products as the stamps do not cover their purchase.”

The rolls of paper products the BUC collects will be gathered in the school’s homeroom advisories and delivered to Emily at the end of the drive, November 20.

“Maybe this is something your school would get behind by putting a collection box at your building? Perhaps each grade or class could be a team; perhaps the whole school could be a team,” Bradsahw said.

Emily issued a “Team Challenge.”

Ninety rolls (or paper product items) is the goal for each team, she added.

“Can your Team raise 90 rolls? The team that raises the most rolls wins Bagel Shop bagels,” she said.

For information or drop-off location, email: [email protected], call 342-3164, or visit Emily’s Mission on Facebook.