Oswego Woman Drowns at Fair Haven

An Oswego woman died in the waters of Lake Ontario Tuesday during an attempt to rescue children who appeared to be struggling in the waves.

The Cayuga County Sheriff’s Department says Shaylean S. Richards, 32, of Oswego died in an apparent drowning.

Police give this account of events:  Richards and a friend were at West Barrier Park with 7 children, all of whom were 13 years old or younger.  West Barrier Park is across the channel from Fair Haven State Park.

The two adults went into the water to help the children because it appeared that the waves were pulling them away from the shore.

The children returned safely to the shore, but the 13 year old son noticed Richards floating in the water.

Off-duty lifeguards notified the Fair Haven State Park Police, who called 911.

Adults pulled her from the water and began giving her CPR.  Rescue efforts continued during the ambulance ride to Oswego Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

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