Oswego’s Alternate-Side Winter Parking Restriction Starts Tuesday

A sign from a previous winter season's alternate parking ban

A sign from a previous winter season's alternate parking ban

OSWEGO, NY – In 2012, the city of Oswego implemented an “Alternate-Side Winter Parking Restriction.”

A sign from a previous winter season's alternate parking ban
A sign from a previous winter season’s alternate parking ban

The purpose of that change was to offer options to those who otherwise have no alternate parking solution.

We understand that this will not provide a solution for every parking situation, but it will offer some relief to help us throughout the winter months.

This year, the city will again be utilizing the “Alternate-Side Parking Restriction” during the winter months.

The “Alternate-Side Parking Restriction” will be in effect, commencing Tuesday, December 9, at 1 a.m.

During such time as the parking restriction is imposed, the parking of any vehicle on any city street or highway from 1 to 6 a.m. on an even numbered side of the street on an odd calendar day, or an odd numbered side of the street on an even calendar day, shall be prohibited.

This is in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other permanent parking restriction that may apply.

Points to Remember:

– On even calendar days, park on the even side of the street, and on odd calendar days, park on the odd side of the street.

–  Alternate Side Parking applies unless otherwise prohibited and where allowable; Alternate Side Parking does not supersede other parking restrictions. You may have to find parking on other streets/side streets on days in which alternate side parking is permitted on a side of the street which is already “No Parking.”

– If parking a vehicle for the night prior to midnight, be sure to park where parking is regularly permitted and on the correct side for the next day (1 to 6 a.m.).

– Be aware of instances where the last day of the month and the first day of the month are both odd-numbered days.

Permanent signs have been installed in the downtown area (West Bridge Street from Water Street to West Second Street and West First Street and West Second Street from West Oneida Street to West Cayuga Street) indicating “NO PARKING -1to 6 a.m.”

Please note that these “NO PARKING” signs are just for the posted hours, 1 to 6 a.m. and not intended for any other time of the day.

The mayor has also instructed the Oswego City Police Department to issue “Courtesy Notices” for the first two nights that the parking restrictions go into effect, to further advise residents and visitors of the restriction change.

Following this grace period, any vehicle found to be in violation of this ordinance will be subject to a ticket and towing.

The mayor strongly suggests using off-street parking options that are available to assist our DPW crews in clearing the roadways for our safety.

However, when the alternate street parking option is used, he highly recommends added attention to the manner in which vehicles are parked.

Any violations following the grace period will be strictly enforced.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Mayor’s Office at 342-8136 or the Oswego Police Department/Traffic Division at 342-8146.