Pathfinder Industries plans to rebuild quickly

The site of the former Pathfinder Industries building looks much different now than it did back in March, after the building was destroyed by fire.

The day after the fire, the owners met with Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward and the Common Council and demolition permits were handed out.

Pathfinder Industries, rebuilding plans move ahead
Pathfinder Industries, rebuilding plans move ahead

The space is now a vacant lot ready to be built upon again.

According to the mayor, Pathfinder Industries will be contracting with RLS Structures to construct the new building.

RLS Structures specializes in pre-built buildings, so as soon as parts are ordered they just need to be delivered and the building erected.

The mayor said as soon as Pathfinder Industries is ready to build, the city is ready to issue permits.

They want to keep their company in the city of Fulton, and “we want them here,” the mayor said. “They’re a third generation business.”

In the meantime, the Oswego County Industrial Development Agency will hold a public hearing concerning the acquisition, construction, and equipping of the Pathfinder Industries facility.

The hearing will be April 18 at 9 a.m. at the Fulton Municipal Building.