Perseverance, Goal Progress Awarded At Volney Elementary

VOLNEY – A couple dozen students at Volney Elementary School were honored at a recent assembly because they had either exhibited perseverance in the classroom or made goal progress throughout the month of March.

Volney Elementary School students who received a principal’s award from Principal Todd Terpening, top left, show off their certificates during a recent school assembly.

Principal Todd Terpening presented one student from each classroom a role model certificate because their teacher identified them as having worked hard to finish what they started.

“No matter the project, you get it out the door in a timely fashion,” he said. “You do not get distracted when you work and take satisfaction in completing tasks.”

Classroom role models for perseverance include:

Vander Buske, Drake Ives, Alyvia Williams, Malaki Cary, Nick Childs, Cadence Nipper, Jason Scott, Elliemae Austin, Bella Vant, Wyatt Conger, Dean Breitbeck, Rachel Asker, Gracyn Cantine, Declan Nickerson, Molly Rockwell, Chase Turner, Nazzerene Donalson and William Wright.

On a Roll awardees at Volney Elementary School were thrilled to receive their certificates from Principal Todd Terpening, top left.

Also honored were several students who were on a roll because they had achieved academic or social achievement during the month of March. On a Roll awards were presented to the following students: Owen Kitts, Brody Chase, Elijah Hamilton, Ellie-Mae Barnum, Emma Spaulding, Joslyn Cantine, Cassidy Calaman, Myles Kitts, Lila Thurlow, Emilyn Moshier, Dante Anthony, Myleena Mintonye, Gage Virgo, Mason Fischel, Emrey Bigelow, Ayden Peacock and Jackson Bixby.

At the end of the assembly, a video featuring Volney first-graders explained April’s Virtue of the Month: self-control.