Pilot Program to Support Adult Learners Begins in Pulaski

PULASKI  – Ahead Together Pulaski is the name of a pilot program being rolled out this month in Richland to help area residents who are seeking to further their education and improve their employment prospects.

Participants will be encouraged to develop and implement a personal plan for success and will have the opportunity to join a support group consisting of other adult learners.

The program was developed by Oswego County Legislator Roy Reehil as part of the Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force that he chairs.

The program will be led by AmeriCorps member Martha Marshall, an experienced facilitator and mediator who is a resident of Pulaski.

AmeriCorps program coordinator in Oswego County Kathy Andolina said she “is pleased to see such an innovative use of the AmeriCorps program and the collaboration of the many agencies who have joined together to start this pilot.”

Legislator Reehil, who represents District 5, Constantia, thanked several of the agencies involved in developing the program.

“Without the blessing of  Commissioner of Social Services Stacy Alvord, support from Oswego County AmeriCorps, and the help of the Pulaski Community Services Task Force, we would not have gotten the pilot off the ground,” said Legislator Reehil.

“The program will help motivated adult learners to access the tremendous range of adult educational opportunities here in Oswego County, and can also help adult students access any financial aid that may be available to them,” added program facilitator Marshall.

Anyone interested joining or learning more about Ahead Together Pulaski should contact Marshall at (315) 395-1661.

Anyone interested in helping start an Ahead Together chapter in other regions of Oswego County should contact Oswego County Anti-Poverty chair Reehil at (315) 675-9704.