Police Arrest Man Already in Jail Three More Times

Dustin L. Butchino, in a mugshot provided by the Sheriff's Department.
Dustin L. Butchino, in a mugshot provided by the Sheriff's Department.

A Richland man was arrested three times Monday, bringing his total for the last month to five arrests.

Dustin L. Butchino, 20, of North Fernwood Rd. Bldg. 205, Richland, was charged in connection with three alleged crimes around the county in August, 2010.

The Oswego County Sheriff’s Department alleges that Butchino burglarized a West Monroe home on August 30, taking jewelry, personal papers and electronics. Police say some of the items were either burned or thrown away behind a business in the town of Parish. He was charged with felony and misdemeanor counts of possessing stolen property.

40 minutes later, Butchino was also charged with possessing stolen property and possessing a weapon over the personal papers allegedly stolen from a home in Hastings in August, 2010 and found in a barn in Richland.

25 minutes after that, Butchino was charged with possessing stolen property from an August 9, 2010 burglary in Hastings. The property was found in a car in Pulaski.

Butchino didn’t have to travel far for his arrests. He was already inside the Oswego County Jail.

On Jan. 28, the Sheriff’s Department charged him with possessing jewelry and walkie-talkies taken from a home in Mexico on August 9, 2010. He was already in jail then, as well.

That’s because he had been arrested on Jan. 25 on an arrest warrant charging him with burglary and petit larceny. He was sent to the county jail on $15,000 bail, according to the Sheriff’s Department.