Porky and Buddy Pet Health – How Much Sleep Do Cats Need?

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
I just adopted my first cat, Tonya.  She’s about four years old, pretty and playful when she’s awake, but it seems like she’s hardly ever awake.  How much should cats sleep?  Should I be worried about her?

Dear Jennifer,
Thanks first of all for adopting an adult cat.

You have the advantage of knowing how she will turn out because she has already turned out that way!

As far as we know, healthy cats NEVER suffer from insomnia.  They do not lie awake at night and worry about the state of the economy or global warming or the elections coming up or anything else.

In fact, it is perfectly normal for a healthy adult cat to sleep about 16 hours per day!

Not all of that sleep is deep sleep as we know it, however.

Cats really are the champs of napping, during which they are in a sort of standby mode, able to leap awake and catch a mouse (or attack you toes while you are trying to sleep) at a moment’s notice.

And then they go right back to their nap.

But cats also fall into a deep sleep, just like humans and this sleep is important to their health and longevity.

If Tanya is having regular checkups at the vet and not exhibiting any other signs of illness or changes in her behavior, such as eating differently, drinking more or less, or urinating more or less, then don’t worry about her sleeping.

It’s OK to be a little jealous, actually.

Remember that cats’ sleep patterns seem to change with the seasons too.

She will likely nap more during the winter and be more active now that summer is coming and there is just more light.

So enjoy her when she is awake and take more naps yourself.  You’ll enjoy that, too.

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