Positive Behavior the Right Price at Minetto

The positive behavior assembly at Minetto Elementary School.
The positive behavior assembly at Minetto Elementary School.

Bright red t-shirts emblazoned with “Behavior is Right” were donned by the faculty of the Minetto Elementary School as students arrived on opening day.

Positive behavior is a major concern for students throughout the Oswego City School District and the Minetto faculty decided to celebrate with a game show theme.

As the first day wound down an assembly brought the entire student body and staff together in the cafeteria.

The t-shirts worn by staff members at Minetto Elementary.
The t-shirts worn by staff members at Minetto Elementary.

In what appeared to be directly from the stage of “The Price is Right” contestants competed for PBIS points.

Don Fronk was the master of ceremony while Chrystal Mason took the role of the announcer. . The excited contestants were Julie Tubolino who was a very excited contestant and school secretary Ann Marie Clark who was the gracious “PBIS Beauty”.

Students were randomly called to “come on down” and they were able to participate in Spelling Bee and Cliff Hanger. Kyra O’Gorman was able to win her round of Spelling Bee and was awarded 20 PBIS points to spend at the newly created PBIS store. John Rice tried his guessing skills at Cliff Hanger and although he didn’t win he was awarded 10 PBIS points for his efforts. Other students participating were Lauren Jones, and Claudia Engle.

The music was added by Debbie Bartholomew and the movement features of the set were utilized by Megan. Leece. Also contributing to set ideas, construction and assistance were teaching assistants Jill Jaquin and Cyndi Herrman and first grade teacher Karen Poole.

Mrs. Mason explained, “The kick off celebration involved many people who met during last year and over the summer to make the assembly a success. All faculty and staff of Minetto wore a very special PBIS red shirt with our PBIS logo on the back to help show the students that we are unified in our support of the PBIS program. The shirts will be worn throughout the year as well.”