Premier of “Daevas”, Locally-made Horror Film, at Oswego Movie Theater Tonight

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Reignstorm Productions presents “Daevas”. the synopsis…On the run from the Mob and the law, 4 fugitives and their hostage hold up in an abandoned house deep in the woods of upstate New York. Just when they think its safe to relax…strange things begin to occur. A young child’s erie laughter echoes thru the rooms. Is the house haunted, or is someone or something in the house with them… watching them?

Reignstorm Productions of Oswego, NY, is about to release their first low budget horror movie, filmed entirely in Oswego, NY. To be released November 12 & 13, 2010 at the Oswego Theater 11pm…with the premier party to be held at Bridie Manor in Oswego starting at 9:30 pm.

Reignstorm Productions has the ability to be the first local Movie Production Company. This will add to the Oswego community in many ways. Helping College students in the film field earn credits by encouraging them to come and work with us to make our films. These students will get hands on experience. It also has the possibilities of bringing more business to the Oswego area. Having movie premiers and sneak previews in local theaters will bring in more money and people to the community.

Reignstorm Productions writes movies, designs costumes, creates the costumes for each actor/actress and their parts….and also creates thier own special effects! All filming, editing and all actors/actresses are from the local community. Not all movies good or bad come from Hollywood, they can also come from Oswego, NY. We are not only making movies as something we enjoy, but also to bring money and career possibilities to Oswego, NY. You can get a feel for what Reignstorm Productions is by visiting

All actors and actresses are from the Oswego County and Onondaga County area.

Josh Bell – 26, a native to Oswego, NY. Josh is a former Army Ranger veteran that was disabled in the line of duty for our Country.

Samantha Myers – Oswego native country girl. Former Dunkin Donuts employee, single mother.

Scott Hill – 34, Oswego native. Mixed Martial Arts Artist who is also a local celebrity. Scott is the Head Bouncer at Old City Hall.

Michael Murphy – 18, Oswego native. High school student with a promising future in arts and entertainment. An aspirng young actor.

Sierra and Brandy Reign, both new young talent from Oswego, NY. Demons 1 and 2. They both are working hard for a chance in the music world.

Cierra Ryan – 15, Onondaga County native. New young aspiring talent. Is very interested in and studies Media Arts. Cierra’s plans are to become a Special Needs Social Worker.

John Reign – Oswego, NY. Founder of Reignstorm Productions. John has years of experience in the Entertainment Field. He has produced local tv shows and worked with Fox TV.

Amy Ryan – Oswego County native. Partnered with John to help a friend follow his dream and make it a reality. Amy is the Exectutive Producer and also works very closely with John for all Marketing and Public Relations. Amy is also employed full time at Wynit in N. Syracuse, NY.

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