Quarterback Sneak is Costly, Taxpayers Pay For It

To The Editor:
I’m sure most of you that read my letters and understand them will remember my letter entitled: New Year but the same old Games.

In that letter the majority caucus called a quarterback sneak appointing an interim director of central services giving that person a $5,000 raise.

It was an increase of almost $3,000 over what was approved in the budget passed less than a month before.

Guess what?

That didn’t work and now you the taxpayers are going to pick up the costs of their mistake.

For one reason or another the person in charge isn’t able to handle the job and needs to have the person that retired come back on occasion and help out.

This will be a consulting fee of $75 an hour with a limit right now (I’m sure it will go up) of $5,000.

Now I’m not against the person being paid to come back and consult on occasion.

What I’m against is the cost to the taxpayers.

The majority caucus voted into a position a person that isn’t able to handle the job.

Now if he hadn’t been given a $5,000 raise it wouldn’t be a problem.

They did and it is a problem.

The total cost is going to be around $12,500 more for this mistake.

There are a number of business owners in the majority caucus and if this were their company they would let the person go or take away his raise.

They wouldn’t keep paying that person the higher salary and then ask someone to come back because that person couldn’t do the job.

They wouldn’t do it with their own money or company but they will with your company (Oswego County) and your money.

Now everyone say “Thank you very much majority caucus.”

The costs to the taxpayers doesn’t stop there or should I say didn’t start there.

It started earlier last year when the majority caucus authorized the hiring of a replacement for the deceased Director of Building and Grounds (Outside hire).

The salary was almost $20,000 more than that of the past director.

Reason given was the fact that this person was going to handle both BG and Central Services when the director of CS retired.

Total cost for just this plan to the taxpayers so far is only $32,000 and that doesn’t include pensions.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Remember: “The problem isn’t that people are taxed too little. The problem is government spends too much.”

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.