Reading Is Rewarded At Fairgrieve

As a reward for their reading excellence throughout the year, students at Fairgrieve Elementary school were recently afforded to opportunity to submerge one of their educators into the frigid waters of a dunking booth.

At the beginning of the school year, Fairgrieve Principal Jean Ciesla challenged her students to collective earn 10,000 Accelerated Reader points.

If the students were able to surpass the mark, Principal Ciesla made a promise to step into a dunking booth.

Determined by their principal’s challenge, the students came together, dedicated time to reading and eventually surpassed the lofty goal.

As she promised, Ciesla stepped into the dunking booth during a recent school-wide outdoor carnival to take ownership of her challenge.

With a hundreds of classmates cheering them on, several students took aim to try to knock Ciesla into the water.

Several teachers also attempted a couple throws, much to delight of Ciesla, who displayed a smile during the entire event.