Renzi Launches Senate Campaign In Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – Dave Renzi, the Republican-Conservative-Independence candidate for the 48th Senate District, launched his campaign Saturday at his headquarters in the Port City.
Dave Renzi holds his son as he speaks to supporters in Oswego.
Dave Renzi holds his son as he speaks to supporters in Oswego.

“It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was standing up here,” said Assemblyman Will Barclay as he introduced Renzi to the room full of supporters.

Earlier this year, Barclay battled Darrel Aubertine in a special election for the senate seat vacated by Jim Wright.

“Dave, I hope you have better luck than I did,” he quipped. “I’m sure you will!”

“We’re facing some huge issues in Albany,” he continued. “That’s why we’re thrilled to have Dave Renzi running. He’s going to provide strong leadership for us in Albany.”

“We’re bringing our campaign for change in Albany directly to the voters and residents of Oswego County,” said Renzi. “Over the next 96 days until Election Day, I plan to visit the communities and people of Oswego County, listen to your concerns and share my ideas on how we will make Albany more accountable and responsive to us.”

Renzi, a Watertown native, was accompanied by his wife, Jessica, and their sons, Eugene and Timmy.

The Oswego campaign headquarters, located at 121 E. First St., is the first to be opened by the Renzi campaign.

The office will be a central clearinghouse for citizens to visit and learn more about Renzi and volunteer to be part of his “Change Albany” campaign.

“I want to be a strong voice for the communities and residents of Oswego County, and I’ll deliver change and results — not excuses,” he vowed.

One of the drawbacks of Barclay’s race was the voters up north didn’t get to know him, he explained.

“Dave Renzi is well-known up in St. Lawrence and Jefferson County,” Barclay noted.

“It is important to gain back this seat, not only for this district but the state as a whole,” Renzi said. “Oswego County has been fantastic to me the first few months. You’ve worked so hard for me and I’m so honored that you’ve done that.”

The race is about real republican values, family values, lower taxes, and working hard to make sure energy rates are fair, Renzi said.

“Working together, we’re going to be able to get those things done,” he said.

This area needs to be treated fairly by Albany, and he will fight to see that happens, Renzi vowed.

The 48th Senate District includes Oswego and Jefferson counties and part of St. Lawrence County.


  1. Sir, I wish you luck in winning the seat. We need a sincere, caring person to protect our part of New York State. We are people too. Without our agricultural sites where would the rest of New York be? If we develop ways to increase our productivity we most likely would depend less on importing from other states and countries. New York State still has fertile land so why are we ignoring it? Maybe investing in something like more “greenhouses” which would allow us to farm all year instead of just in the warm weather? The cost would be great but maybe in the long-run it would be beneficial. I guess it would be worth a try.
    Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t let New York City secede. Let it take care of itself. Maybe I’m wrong about that but it seems that the Northern New York area is forgotten much of the time.

  2. Mr. Renzi, I hope in your “change albany” campaign, you pledge to not take a single dollar more from Skelos, who runs the Senate you want to change, and that you will openly oppose his being leader of the party. Anything less is hypocrisy.

  3. Mr. Renzi,
    We are facing alot of budget cuts and limitations on state agencies.
    If you go to you will be able to look at over 2,000 spending items listed(for 2007) as member items also known as pork, earmarks, and uncontrolled spending by our legislators. While many of these items are worthy items, this is where the major cuts should come from (member items for 2008). Many of these items can be delayed and done at a later time with only minor inconviences. That state borrows to complete these projects which I find very objectionable.
    Best of luck with your campaign and lets control the uncontrolled spending and still support the agencies that serve the people of New York in a reasonable manner.

  4. Dear Mr. Renzi,
    You will have our votes because you look and sound, like a man who really cares about the problems of our senior citizens. We listened to your speeches, on the conference phone call, re: tax relief for low income residents.
    I am 72 years old and my wife is 71. We have owned our own home since we were 20 and 21 years of age. We have paid school taxes for over 50 years, in N.Y.S. We LOVE it here and wouldn’t even consider leaving.
    We realize that certain people who serve with an iron hand, in Albany, have a negative effect on the elected officials, getting very little accomplished . This year our school taxes increased by 6.9% and we are on the full star. We live in Pennellville.
    We feel that once a couple have paid school taxes for 50 years, in N.Y.S., on their primary residence only, they deserve to have a real cut, or elimination, in those payments. As you know most of us cannot live on S.S. and many of us do not get any pension. The SS payments go up a few dollars, while Medicare increases many more dollars and this is eating away at our spendable income. We do not take vacations and Health care is so high that people like us do not even have an RX plan.
    Please Mr. Renzi make this your legacy
    Please let us know that this did reach you.
    May God bless you, your family and all your decisions


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