Report: Hoefer Escorted From Meeting In Middletown

Fran Hoefer

Oswego Board of Education member Fran Hoefer was escorted by police from a school board meeting in Middletown, New York Thursday night and was held in jail briefly, according to a report in the Middletown Times Herald-Record.

The school district’s superintendent is Ken Eastwood, who battled often with Hoefer when Eastwood was Superintendent of the Oswego City School District.

Eastwood was superintendent when Hoefer revealed information from an executive session.  Hoefer’s act led the Board of Education to remove Hoefer as a board member.  The state Education Department ultimately ruled that the board’s action was legal and proper.

According to the newspaper, Hoefer was in Middletown to support a board member under threat of being removed from the board for his alleged actions.  From the article:

…Oswego school board member Fran Hoefer approached the microphone for public comment. President Will Geiger cut him off immediately, saying public comment was for local residents. Board member Nick Mauro loudly interjected that Geiger was violating open meetings law by stopping a nonresident from speaking. Hoefer tried to keep talking, and chaos momentarily ensued before Geiger called a recess and cut the video feed.

Security asked Hoefer to leave. Middletown police were called.

“All I want to do is speak to the board,” Hoefer said. “I’ve been a victim of the same kind of illegal attack as your young board member.”

Hoefer called Eastwood “evil” as he was removed by police, the article said.


    That’s exactly why most of us voted for him.
    We need someone honest on the school board to try to keep the rest of thm honest.
    I can’t see any good reason to have secret meetings unless you’re up to no-good.

  2. How embarrassing for the sity of Oswego. He was elected to the Oswego School Board. I hope he didnt use budget money to drive to Middletown. I certainly won’t be voting for someone who is into everyone’s elses business. I hope the Residents of Oswego see how embarrassing this is and remove him from the board.

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