Republican Writer Backs Aubertine

To the editor:

The work ethic of a dedicated, industrious and highly competent individual is a pleasure to witness, and the reward is even more gratifying when one is the beneficiary of that individual’s work ethic and efforts. A very strong case can be made that all of the residents of New York State’s 48th Senate District, and the residents of the state as a whole, are just such beneficiaries, because we are represented by; NYS Senator Darrel J. Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent.

Recently, the St. Lawrence County Clerk, R-Ogdensburg, announced her intentions to unseat Senator Aubertine and “send him back to the farm, where he belongs”. To paraphrase Senator Aubertine’s opponent, she claims to be the common sense voice that knows where to find solutions to problems and stand up for the people that elect them. Her claim is precisely what Senator Aubertine has done since going to Albany to represent us! Isn’t she quite the bold one? She has the template for her actions right in front of her face! Maybe she should relocate down to Cape Vincent to get a better perspective and move onto the campaign track more quickly! Since March 29, 2010 when Senator Aubertine’s opponent announced her candidacy she has repeatedly stated that she will reduce taxes, balance the budget and save programs without once stating how she would meet those ends! She has, however, waffled here and there on issues that she once claimed to be solid on! The following are facts based on Senator Aubertine’s performance in the New York State Senate.

Senator Aubertine has delivered more results to enhance the State’s citizen well being than any other legislator, in either chamber, this session. He has passed more Bills (Fourteen and counting) into law, all of which have had BIPARTIZEN support, than any Legislator in either chamber. He has worked to keep benefits in favor of all the constituents of the counties in his district for energy, agriculture and jobs. Senator Aubertine fought against the Farm Labor Bill to maintain parity in the industry so that there would be jobs for farm workers and to mitigate the closure rate of farms in the state. He is fighting to restore the energy for jobs program, to create and maintain 250,000 jobs that will be passed and permanently extended. Also, he is dedicated to find and keep large sources of employment viable and continue to look to offer additional employment opportunities to bring central and northern New York back into the mainstream, of a sustainable employment future. Senator Aubertine has done more for his constituents in his short time in office than any previous Senator in the District. Overall, as a Freshman Senator his performance rank is probably in the 99th percentile for job creation and sustainability, and for the “JUST PLAIN GOOD” that he has done so far for his constituents than any State Senator, past or present.

I submit, even as the registered Republican that I am, that it will be foolhardy to not vote to return Senator Aubertine to the New York Senate in November.

Best regards, Kenneth R. Stevens