Ritchie Delivers Funds To Improve Safety, Fight Drugs

State Senator Patty Ritchie announced she secured $75,000 in special state funding for law enforcement and emergency service programs in Jefferson and Oswego counties, which will help them to improve community safety and enhance their efforts in the fight against drugs.

Funding delivered by Senator Ritchie will allow local law enforcement agencies and other emergency responders to purchase equipment that will help them be better protected in emergency situations, improve efficiency and strengthen community safety.

“With an uptick in drug use across our region, we need to provide law enforcement with the necessary tools to stop the spread of heroin and other illegal substances into our communities,” said Senator Ritchie. “I’m pleased to be able to provide these funds to help our police agencies and emergency service volunteers keep our communities safe, and would like to thank them for all the important work they do.”

Law enforcement agencies and rescue squad receiving the special funding are as follows:

Oswego County

$50,000 – Oswego County Sheriff’s Department

$10,000 – Phoenix Police Department

$5,000 – Pulaski Police Department

Jefferson County

$5,000 – Cape Vincent Police Department

$2,500 – Antwerp Police Department

$2,500 – South Jefferson Rescue Squad Inc.

“We cannot thank Senator Ritchie enough for the funding she secured for our department,” said Oswego County Sheriff  Reuel Todd, “Not only is this funding vital to our ongoing fight to combat illegal substances in the county, but it will play a large role in our ongoing efforts against crime and violence and help keep our residents safe.”