Ritchie Named To Senate Leadership Post

State Senator Patty Ritchie has been named Deputy Majority Leader for Senate and Assembly Relations.

The new leadership post gives Senator Ritchie added responsibilities and puts her in an even stronger position to advocate on behalf of her constituents in Central and Northern New York.

“In the four years I’ve served in the Senate, I’ve been able to work closely with members of both political parties, in both the Senate and Assembly, and I’m proud of the friendships and relationships I’ve established to help win passage of important legislation and new laws that benefit my constituents and help make New York a better place to live, learn and work,” Senator Ritchie said. “In this new position as a leader of the Majority Conference, I look forward to building on the past successes to work even more closely with my fellow lawmakers, and be a strong advocate for all New Yorkers, but especially the people I represent in Central and Northern New York.”

In addition to the new leadership post, Senator Ritchie recently was named as a member of two additional Senate committees, including the Finance Committee, with responsibility over state budgeting and wide oversight over a range of state agencies and issues that are in front of the Legislature.

Senator Ritchie also was recently named a member of the Transportation Committee, which oversees issues related to state and local highways, ports, airports and other infrastructure.

Senator Ritchie continues to serve as chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, where she has worked to boost family farmers, by cutting red tape and fighting for renewed investment in agriculture and to stop budget funding cuts for key farm programs.

She’s also spearheaded key initiatives like last year’s “Young Farmers” program, which encourages careers in agriculture with the aim of preserving family farming, and recently unveiled a new initiative, called “Grown in New York,” which aims to better connect consumers and farmers, increase purchases of locally produced foods and boost farmers’ bottom lines.

Senator Ritchie also serves on the following Senate Committees: Alcoholism & Drug Abuse; Civil Service and Pensions; Crime Victims, Crime and Correction; Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation; Energy and Telecommunications; Higher Education; Libraries; Local Governments, and the Legislative Commission on Rural Resources.