Rosewood Heights PJ Drive

My name is Corissa Tefft and I am a 2012 graduate of Paul V. Moore High School and a current student at D’Youville College in Buffalo ,NY.

For the past six years I have volunteered every Sunday at Rosewood Heights Nursing Home in Syracuse until I left for college this past August. While volunteering the 250 residents have become my second family.

Unfortunately, many of the residents are not well off, have few visitors, and are in need of clothing.

Like in previous years, I would like to do a Christmas pajama drive for the residents but this year the Rosewood Pajama Drive needs your help more than ever!

Since I started organizing this drive in 2006, it has become a yearly tradition that everyone looks forward to at Rosewood. Every resident of Rosewood receives their gift of pajamas on Christmas Eve, which for some residents this is their only gift. The simple gift of pajamas means the world to some of these residents.

The rising amount of contributions from the community have also allowed for rocking chairs, craft supplies and decorations to be purchased for the residents.

I will be collecting new men’s and women’s, sweat suits/lounge wear, pajamas, wrapping supplies, and monetary donations for the residents.

Donations can be dropped off at my home,1939 US Rt.11 Hastings NY, 13076, Rosewood Heights Nursing Home or Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square.

I can be contacted at 315-668-7553, [email protected], or

Thank You!
Corissa Tefft