Rotarians Hear About Justice Alliance of CNY

FULTON – Rotarian Nancy Kush Ellis introduced Michael J. Balanoff, director of Development of the Justice Alliance of CNY.

Michael Balanoff and Nancy Kush Ellis
Michael Balanoff and Nancy Kush Ellis

It is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to low-income families and individuals in Central New York.

Balanoff said, “Our lawyers help low-income families and individuals secure not only the necessities of life, but human dignity and self-sufficiency. We represent people in court, at administrative hearings, and before government agencies. We apply our resources and expertise to ensure our clients’ needs are addressed fairly and their voices heard.”

The Legal Services Office in Syracuse covers the counties from Pennsylvania to the Canadian border.

It is funded largely by federal and state funds.

Further information can be obtained by calling 315-703-6545.