Rotarians Hear About Oswego Industries

FULTON – Rotarian Alissa Viscome introduced Igor Kasovski, director of Operations at Oswego Industries and Rick Castle, a business development consultant for Oswego Industries, at a recent Fulton Noon Rotary Club meeting.

Alissa Viscome with Igor Kasovski, center, and Rick Castle.
Alissa Viscome with Igor Kasovski, center, and Rick Castle.

The mission of Oswego Industries is to focus on individuals with disabilities, involve them in community services, improve their quality of life and enable them to live and work with dignity.

Oswego Industries has been serving the disabled community in Oswego County since the early 1960s and has been located on Morrell Place in Fulton since 1968.

There are four locations, 175 staff and more than 350 people served.

The Human Services focus is on pre-vocational training and a vocation.

They experience habitation without walls and engage in group interaction.

They seek to develop a career and employment skills.

Medicaid services are provided and the ultimate goal is to provide a pathway to employment.

Business services seek to create a win/win situation for companies needing to outsource non-core work and the tasks/skills Oswego Industries can offer.
Manufacturing skills includes things like assembly, fabrication, textiles construction, packaging, warehousing, custodial and grounds keeping, work clothes and uniform manufacturing, digital document imaging and recycling.

Oswego Industries would love to have the opportunity to connect with Central New York businesses and brainstorm with them regarding “non-core” tasks they are engaging in that would be better out sourced or they are engaged in a business that focuses on the marketing and sales end, but would love to have someone do the manufacturing.

Castle and Kasovski are asking the Rotarians and the pubic if they have contacts or connections with various types of business, that would benefit or lead to creating new work for the Oswego County disabled community, that they contact [email protected]  management services 585-746-4809.

It could be a win/win for disabled workers, and their businesses.