RSVP to Offer Free Demonstration of Osteoporosis Bone Builders

OSWEGO – SUNY Oswego-cosponsored Retired and Senior Volunteers Program will hold a free demonstration of its Osteoporosis Bone Builders Program Tuesday, June 15.

Trainers expect to begin regular classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays within a few weeks of the demonstration, which will take place at 10 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 7111 State Route 104, west of the main SUNY Oswego entrance.

The classes, designed for those diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis, are self-paced. The exercises aim to rebuild bone density and improve balance. RSVP will provide nutrition information, as well.

RSVP forms new classes throughout Oswego County as volunteer trainers become available and participants in a given area express interest. For regular classes, the suggested donation is 50 cents per session.

To attend the June 15 demonstration or for more information, call RSVP at 312-2317 or sector coordinator Rosalia Secor at 342-1797. Other sector coordinators are Carol Simpson, 343-5614; Carol Miller, 625-7184; Margarita Flood, 963-3506; and Barbara Gifford, 564-6247.

RSVP, whose other cosponsor in Oswego County is the United Way, offers a number of community service opportunities utilizing the lifetime experiences of people 55 and older. RSVP places and supports older American volunteers and offers a monthly publication, Mature Living, free of charge to county residents.