SAFE Act Requires Pistol Permit Holders to Recertify Every Five Years

Assemblyman Will Barclay announced that there is a new SAFE Act requirement taking effect.

Pistol permit holders are now being required to recertify every five years in order to maintain a pistol permit.

Previously, pistol permits were issued for life barring a felony conviction or mental illness.

Those with pistol and revolver licenses that were issued before January 15, 2013, must recertify by January 31, 2018.

Others who were issued permits after Jan. 15, 2013, have five years from the date of which the permit was issued to recertify.

There is no cost to recertify, but gun owners face revocation for failure to do so.

New York State police are expected to issue letters to pistol permit holders advising them of the requirement to recertify their pistol permits.

“The SAFE Act continues to punish law-abiding citizens and infringe on our Second Amendment rights by hassling and questioning responsible gun owners,” said Barclay. “If pistol permit holders do not recertify, they could lose their permit. This is ludicrous and I am urging my colleagues in Albany to be sensible and repeal this onerous requirement.”


  1. Dear Senator Barclay,
    The recertification makes sense in that it will help stop The American Handgun War. The home with a gun is 8 times more likely to be the scene of gun violence than the home without a gun and actually they belong in The Militia’s Arsenal and not in the hands of ordinary citizens who have demonstrated time and time again that they can not handle the onerous responsibility of ownership. “Guns for Protection” is an Old Wives Tale, the result of which has toddlers (3 and under) shooting or getting shot, suicidal people dying by the gun, and gun death being the leading cause of death for young, urban, black males. There have been accidental gun deaths at gun shows, gun deaths at shooting ranges, gun deaths of Conservation Officers, every one resulting in unneccesary funerals. There are automatic weapons meant for killing on the battlefield of war in every community of our once great nation, the mere presence of which demonstrates the moral decay that leads to the loss of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness.

  2. “…..and gun death being the leading cause of death for young, urban, black males.”

    I live in a rural area of Upstate NY….not Westchester County and the like but the real Upstate. You really want to throw myself, and so many others like me across the country, into the same category as urban gang bangers?! I won’t even get into the issue of “….and not in the hands of ordinary citizens.” What a joke!

  3. Poor brainwashed anti gun Ariel, quoting unsubstantiated and outright lies as your kind do and you just did repeatably doesn’t magically make your lies true….

  4. New Yorks 1,000,000 new illegal gun owners..


    One million plus new felons, all armed with scary, high capacity, media labeled assault weapons!

    The deadline for New York residents to register their so called “Assault Weapons” and “High” (read standard) Capacity Magazines came and went.

    An estimated million plus, formerly law abiding, gun owners have refused to comply with Cuomo and down state Democrat’s naive belief that the NY Safe Act, passed in a so called emergency session of the New York legislature, could force free people to register their hard earned property.

    And who can blame these once lawful gun owners, with a president that picks and chooses which laws he will follow or enforce, as well as an Federal Attorney General that operates daily with a Contempt of Congress charge and gun running scandal, “Fast & Furious”, hanging over his head. Why should the average New York joe, bother to follow the law, especially when it is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States, the one true law of the land.

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