School Board Member Responds To Recent Letter

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Fran Hoefer, a member of the Oswego City School District Board of Education, said “I’m just a simple country boy.”

After reading his recent letters to the editor, I’m not going to argue with him.

Fran stated that he didn’t get an answer to his question of whether 25 kids in a class at OHS was reasonable.

That’s not true!  The superintendent stated: “that was a reasonable number, but that it wasn’t always possible due to scheduling conflicts.”

That wasn’t the answer Fran wanted to hear, so he claims he didn’t get an answer.

Fran complained about (board member) Tom DeCastro, saying he would, “fight laying off teachers.”

You’re right, he said that as part of an earlier comment. But as you have a habit of doing, you omitted part of the comment. He said “I want everything on the table and if not I will fight laying off teachers.”

You complained that I objected to you asking the teachers and administrators (who were giving us a report on the pros and cons of teaching six periods) if they felt 25 kids in a class at OHS was a reasonable number.

You are right, I did. Your aim was to use their answer to promote your agenda of laying off teachers.

That was a cheap shot and a lack of class. If you want to reduce staff just propose it. The staff was not at the meeting to be put on the grill about class size.

Hoefer said that I started a shouting match with him and called him some colorful names at a meeting.

Come on Fran, no one can start a shouting match with you. Your shouting and arguing when they begin the roll call to start the meeting and you don’t stop until you get home.

One has to shout to be heard when you are ranting and raving. As for your comment that I called you some colorful names, it seems your feelings were hurt. Gee, a guy that called teachers thieves, junk yard dogs and other nasty names, mocked students, called a former superintendent a Nazi and said “… and that staff and its administrators will mislead, deceive and flat  outright lie to protect their jobs and self interest.” is upset that I called him a turkey. Gee, life is so unfair.

I want to address one other comment he made in the letter to the editor.

He stated “We need community leaders on the school board who are interested in doing what is in the best interest of all of us, instead of simply serving the corrupt selfish greed of the “Oswego Classroom Teachers Association.”

I believe we do have six people on the board who do want to do what’s best for the community and students. We do that by working together not by accusing people who disagree with us of serving the interest of OCTA, or any other special interest group.

You’ve talked about how OCTA, support staff, administration, and some members of the board are destroying the community.

In my opinion, there is only one person who is destroying the community and that’s Fran Hoefer.

Your constant degrading of the teachers, support staff, other board members and administrators does more to destroy the community than any of the groups and people you are constantly berating.

Who would want to come here to live and send their children to our schools, when they see how you are attacking the education system, not trying to find solutions, just calling names?

You think you are the only one with answers.

Fran, you would be well served if you quit being the board coxcomb and became a productive member of the board.

Dave White
OCSD Board Member