Scott DelConte Deserves Support For Supreme Court Judge

To The Editor:

Scott DelConte is a partner of law firm Bond, Schoeneck & King with nearly twenty years experience in the Supreme Court.

Scott DelConte is fiercely independent.

He demands that partisan politics has no place in our courts.

Scott DelConte demands that court decisions be based on facts and law not political party.

Scott DelConte possesses the highest integrity.

Scott DelConte is an outstanding lawyer and Scott DelConte is also a farmer.

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’d rather trust a farmer”?

Scott DelConte is a hands in the soil, look you in the eye, “I mean what I say and you can count on my word” down to earth person of integrity.

And Scott DelConte inspires the best in people.

Scott DelConte is one of those rare people that I am better off working with.

He simply works hard and loves what he is doing.

And he never gives up.

Scott DelConte encourages you, inspires you, almost dares you, to “give it a little more, do a little better.”

And without realizing it you have done better than you ever thought you could.

That is what will provide for a fair trial, each side doing their best for their clients so the trial can be decided fairly on the facts and the law.

The Supreme Court and Central New York will be better off having Scott DelConte as our next Supreme Court Judge.

Dennis Merlino