Shutdown Investigated At Nine Mile Point Unit 1

SCRIBA – At 11:18 a.m. today (July 17), Nine Mile Point Unit 1 experienced an
automatic reactor shut down.

The preliminary data indicates the unit experienced a Turbine trip, but the exact
cause has not yet been identified, according to Jill Lyon, CENG – Nine Mile Point

Nuclear Station spokesperson.

The plant responded according to design and automatically shut down with all
safety systems responding appropriately.

The plant is in a safe and stable condition, Lyon added.

“Our operators, using detailed procedures and their training, took the appropriate
actions to respond to plant conditions,” she said. ” All nuclear power plants are
designed with a defense-in-depth approach to ensure safety.  As such, they are
designed to automatically shut down in response to certain indications and

The unit had been at 100% power when the shut down occurred.

Plant personnel are working to identify the cause of the shut down and will
determine what, if any, repairs or actions will be required to ensure continued safe,
reliable operations prior to returning to service.

“The unit will be returned to service when the required work scope has been
successfully completed and tested,” Lyon said. “We cannot comment on the specific
duration for this outage.”