Sixth Grade Promotion Ceremony at Fairgrieve Elementary School

Fairgrieve Elementary School hosted a Promotion Ceremony the last week of school to commemorate the sixth grade students’ seven years of academic achievements and celebrate as they begin a new chapter in their educational journey at the Fulton Junior High School.

In true Fairgrieve fashion, the processional for the sixth grade honorees started in their classrooms. Students in grades K-5 lined the hallways, waving streamers and showing their support as the honorees made their way through the school and to the gymnasium for the celebratory assembly.

Principal Jean Ciesla recognized several students during the ceremony and presented the President’s Academic Excellence Award to students demonstrating continuous high academic achievement. She also presented the President’s Academic Excellence Award to students for showing outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects.

The State Comptroller’s Award, presented annually to recognize one outstanding student for his/her hard work, success, academic excellence and civic commitment, was awarded to Gabrielle Humphrey.

The Triple C Award was presented to Brittany Alton and Christopher Goss. This award recognizes role model students for demonstrating outstanding character, courage, and commitment to their education.

Recognized for her academic achievement, school involvement, and her love of learning, people and the community, the Robert and Alice Jonas Award and commemorative dictionary was presented to Patty Prior.

Rounding out the ceremony was the presentation of promotion certificates to all sixth grade students.