Snowball Part II (Conflict of Interest)

To The Editor:
Conflict of Interest: A situation in which a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.

One must ask if that is the case in the treasurer’s office.

We have a situation where an elected official is the head of a department that reports to the County Legislature.

Now that alone wouldn’t be a problem but said department head is also the County Republican Chairman.

Anything the department head wants or does is either a big YES or brushed under the rug.


Treasurer asks for an extra accountant to train for six months. At a cost to the taxpayers of an extra $32,000.

Extra accountant was to be eliminated after six months. Treasurer asks to keep an extra accountant on at a cost to the taxpayers of $52,000.

Then there was the overpayment of sales tax revenue to the towns.

Then there was the loss of interest on overpayment of sales tax revenue.

The only people that questioned these situations and voted no on them were Democrats.

I feel no Republican that wants to continue as a legislator would ever question or vote NO.

Therein  may lay the problem.

If the Republican controlled legislature feels intimidated by a department head they may never say NO or question or hold that department head accountable.

Now I know one or more of them will come forth and say they aren’t intimidated. And there really are unicorns also.

Now in the strictest sense of the definition of  conflict of interest it may not be true in the County Treasurer’s office but if not then there sure is Good Ol Boy Politics going on and that is unacceptable.

The point here is that not only is the legislature being held hostage but so are the taxpayers of this county.

When will the cost of having a County Republican Chairman as a department head stop?

Conflict of Interest, unethical or not.

You have to agree it’s just not right.

It is only logical that he must give up one or the other.

County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. 25 District


  1. I have to wonder have you checked into the County’s Board of Ethics? As a Legislator I would think that would be the first place to actually find out if “ethics” were broken. If the “ethics” were broken then there is a way to report that to the state. Lets check all the facts and serve the people of this County with them. That is what being a Legislator in the County is all about isn’t it? I myself would like to know if ethics were violated by the treasurer’s position.

  2. Deborah wise..if the board of ethics weren’t loaded with republicans that might be the place to go…Now if your talking about asking the State Controllers office to come here that would be another story…I would think that Legislator Castiglia would do both if he thought the people that work under the Treasurer would be able to tell the truth…now if you have read the letter correctly …the legislator is asking the public what they think…no where in there does he say that either ethics or conflict of interest does exist and Good O’boy politics skirts around both of them…There are no Checks and Balances …when you have the Chairman of a political party that controls the government that is to over see a department…those are the only facts that the people have to look at….I thank Legislator Castiglia for taking the challenge on of telling it like it is…everyone thinks it is now they know it is…

  3. Oh let me correct that it’s the County Code of Ethics. If there is a conflict of interest as Leg. Castiglia suggests then the code of ethics should be looked into. The Attorney General’s office would handle this if there’s an issue not the state comptroller.

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