Some of the Howard Stern universe coming to Oswego – Scriba Town Inn

Some of the biggest characters from the Howard Stern Sirius XM Radio show are headed to Oswego for a one night engagement. On Saturday May 28th the Scriba Town Inn, in conjunction with Labatt Blue, and Leon Shapiro Motor sale, proudly presents The Beauty and Beast of Satellite Radio Comedy show case.

1scribaWriter/Producer Sal Governale would fail a geography or history test miserably but what Sal lacks in common sense, he makes up for in comedic sensibilities. First known to the Stern Show as Sal the Stockbroker, Governale spent years calling in and pranking Gary Dell’Abate on-air. Sal crossed over from fan to employee after coming in second during “Win John’s Job” week. Sal is a crazy sole, a fact verifiable by the entire staff as he has no problem being naked while at work. Sal is the proud father of three boys and is married to his wife, Christine. Their marital problems have often been discussed and dealt with on-air, going so far as to have Christine shoot Sal’s bare backside with a paint ball gun. While Sal is a married man, he makes no shame in professing his love for his best buddy, Richard Christy. Check out their “Big Meals in Small Places” cooking videos on YouTube!

2scribaLimo Driver/Security Guard Ronnie Mund First known to Stern Show fans as Ronnie the Limo Driver, the man behind the wheel of Howard’s car has gone on to achieve worldwide fame. Hired by Howard in 1986 as his full-time driver, Ronnie additionally acts as head of security for the Stern Show complex. Ever the tough guy, Ronnie has been known to get easily aggravated on-air and has coined several catchphrases for himself, including, “what’s your problem?” “Whoa, whoa, whoa,..stop the clock!” “ Ricky man” and “Ronnie’s Tips” When he’s not driving Howard around, Mund serves as host of the Ronnie Mund Block Party, touring the country and has had many cameo acting parts in major TV hits.Last but not least the most charismatic, and controversial portion of this unpredictable three some, Patricia Krentcil AKA Tan Mom. Tanning Mom is the nickname given to Patricia Krentcil, a 44-year-old woman who was arrested for allegedly sneaking her daughter into a tanning booth. Following the news coverage of the story, she became the subject of ridicule online for having the extreme tanning addiction known as “tanorexia.” Tan mom had such notoriety even Saturday Night Live couldn’t help doing a Parody. On May 5th, 2012, comedian Kristen Wiig parodied Krentcil. In the sketch, Wiig came on screen with smoke coming off of her skin and proceeded to toast a slice of bread by putting it in between her legs.

3scribaTan Mom arguably the most debated member of the Wack Pack to date. The Wack Pack is the name given to an assortment of personalities heard throughout the history of The Howard Stern Show, American entertainment talk radio show. As a parody of the Rat Packor Brat Pack, they are considered part of what the radio show became notable for. Members tend to be unusual in some way such as being blatantly racist, mentally disabled, having a comical appearance, voice or ability. As of 2015, twenty four living individuals are designated “Wack Packers” (along with seven deceased). Not every regular guest on or caller to the show is considered a member, nor are any of the show’s staff members; Stern has stated that Wack Packers are not defined by having any disability or peculiarity, but by their inability to understand why they are funny. Through their appearances on the radio show, some Wack Packers have gained notoriety for personal appearances around the country and occasionally, played roles in films and television programs.

In the 1993 book Private Parts, Howard Stern lists early members of the Wack Pack, including Irene the Leather Weather Lady, who is essentially the first Wack Packer, having met Stern in May 1980 when he was broadcasting from WWWW in Detroit, Michigan. Upon the introduction of Fred the Elephant Boy on the radio show on November 28, 1988, among a collection of others, Stern began calling the group of show personalities the “Wack Pack” on July 6, 1990, as documented Stern’s The History of Howard Stern radio series. Since moving to Sirius XM Radio, Stern has offered some members of the Wack Pack their own shows.
The Beauty and the Beasts of Satelite Radio show will be hosted live at the Scriba Town Inn on Saturday May 28th at 8pm, show will include not only some standup comedy, but a full Q&A hosted by Sal Governale, an entire night of meet & greets, pics, drinks and a night of hijinks.

Tickets are on sale now either at The Scriba Town Inn or by Phone 315-342-4235,
tickets are limited for this one night only show.