Some Words of Wisdom!

To The Editor:
A quote from one of the Republican Party’s heroes:

“The problem isn’t that people are taxed too little. The Problem is that government spends too much”
President Ronald Reagan

Now if only our Republican majority at the county level would only read and follow one of their hero’s words we would be so much better off.

It is truly ironic that the Democratic minority party of the county legislature is trying to follow the words of advice given by a Republican president.

The Republican majority of the county legislature is trying to tax and deplete your savings account, their way out of financial trouble.

Saying it is unfunded mandates that are causing the problem.

That is somewhat true, but the minority caucus suggested more than $800,000 in non-mandated cuts and the majority only made $10,000 of those cuts.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Frank Castiglia Jr. Oswego County Legislator 25th District


  1. Mike, The list was in the Valley News on the Sat. before the budget vote. I’m not going to list them all again. Go down to the Valley News and get a copy.

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