Stacy Announces Candidacy for Mayor of the City of Fulton

Ralph Stacy, Jr.
<p>Ralph Stacy, Jr.</p>

Ralph Edward Stacy, Jr. hereby officially announces his intentions to seek a place on the ballot for Mayor of the City of Fulton as an Independent candidate. As a life long resident, the 35 year old feels that the “city with a future” needs new blood and new ideas in order to preserve the future of Fulton, and to increase a desire of our young adults to stay in their hometown. The most effective way for this to be done is by someone who is not a politician obligated to his or her party, and can truly understand the citizens. Ralph feels he is that man.

Amongst Ralph’s goals should he be elected are:

– Encouraging business and commercial development in the City of Fulton by seeking out developers and promoting Fulton as a viable venture with positive potential. By doing this, we can realize not only realize increased sales tax revenue for the county system of which Fulton is a part of, but give people a reason to visit and possibly even live in Fulton, thus increasing property tax intake. This development will also mean jobs!

– Working with Cayuga Community College to help the college expand here in Fulton, and realizing the potential spin off development and added visitors to the City of Fulton as an integral component to improving the community. This ties in with the above directive as well as potentially providing jobs for our citizens.

– Consolidation and merging of some services with our neighboring municipalities. We are not talking annexation, we are talking reducing the duplication of services and pooling our resources together. This can help realize true property tax savings for Fulton, Granby, and Volney citizens. Ralph also plans to open a dialogue with the Fulton City School District in order to explore potential partnerships as well.

– Extending a hand of friendship to the City of Oswego in the spirit of a cooperative exploration of an inter-municipal power corporation. By forming this alliance, we can study the feasibility of harnessing the power of the Oswego River, and perhaps ultimately offer low cost power to the entire Oswego River Valley.

– Strengthening and encouraging our small businesses in Fulton, as well as bringing in new small business. The foundation to any strong business atmosphere is the ability of the small business to thrive and offer mutual support.

– Standing up to Albany and demanding action and answers. Ralph is prepared to go toe to toe with State Legislators and demand true change and reform to costly mandates affecting the City of Fulton.

– Organizing an “Oswego County Summit”, where all municipalities in the county can sit together, brainstorm ideas to make the entire area a more prosperous and opportunity driven force, and form alliances and partnership to achieve anything we can to better our communities.

Most importantly, Ralph will make the time to hear any citizens concerns whenever they may have them. Ralph will do his best to address those issues, and any issues Ralph can not solve on his own, he will seek the answer from the proper areas.

Ralph Edward Stacy, Jr. is a person who cares deeply about his hometown. Ralph believes that making Fulton a better place to live is a key in building a model for other municipalities to explore, and perhaps make their communities a better place as well. Ralph is married, has 4 children, and has obtained a Master’s Degree in Administration of Justice and Security. Ralph is currently employed as a college peace officer/supervisor, as well as a part time office manager and machinist for a tooling company. Ralph can relate to the public sector worker, as well as the blue collar private sector worker. Ralph is also a member of Hiram Lodge #144 Free and Accepted Masons and has served with the New York State Guard.

Ralph pledges to run a clean campaign, devoid of any mudslinging or name calling, sticking to the issues and current events affecting the City of Fulton. Ralph is also available to talk about your concerns and desires throughout the campaign. Be sure to check out Ralph’s platform and contact information on our Facebook group page “Stacy for Mayor of the City of Fulton, NY”, our website, or email us at [email protected] .

Regardless of your political leanings or candidate of choice, Ralph encourages everyone, to exercise your most precious right and register to vote.

The future is here!

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