SUNY Oswego Students Plan ‘Give Back’ Event

OSWEGO, NY – Students at SUNY Oswego want to give back to the city they’ve called home this school year.

At this week’s Administrative Services Committee meeting, Letizia Knap, director of Off Campus Affairs, requested to use Breitbeck Park, including the pavilion, on May 9 to hold a “give back event.”

She also requested that the non-profit fee of $37.50 be waived to allow the Student Association more activities for the event.

“The association is working with a limited budget,” Knapp said. “So, if the fee can be decreased or possibly waived, it would allow us to include more activities at the event. We want to give the community a really nice picnic.”

This would be the Student Association’s first “Community Spring Picnic,” she said, adding she hopes it becomes an annual event.

“Things that we are hoping to provide at this event are free picnic baskets of food to the first 50 families; food at a discounted rate will be available for all other attendees to purchase,” she explained. “There will also be kids’ activity stations (bounce house, blow up slide, crafts) live music, a recycling education area, a bake off and many prizes.”

They are collecting donations from several different businesses and using them to compile picnic basket meals, Knapp said.

“All the funds we raise will go to a local charity,” she said.

The event is being planed in conjunction with a green theme on the college campus.

College students will help educate youngsters at the picnic about the importance of recycling.

As the date is also Mother’s Day, the association is also planning to have a “salon” to pamper any of the mothers who attend the event.

“We are working with several different groups,” Knapp said.

Among them is Novelis who will supply recycling containers for cans; which will benefit the local Habitat For Humanity.

“We have also begun establishing a volunteer base to go through the park and clean it up afterwards,” Knapp added. “The only thing we really need is to make sure there are a lot of garbage cans in the park and hope everyone comes down and has fun with us.”