Support for Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman

To the editor,
The candidate who is chosen for family court judge on Tuesday will decide the future of thousands of children and families.

I am supporting Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman, not only with my vote, but also with the many hours I’ve spent working on her campaign.

I consider the time I’ve spent telling people about Lou Anne to be an investment in our community, and it’s one I’m happy to make because of my own experience in family court with Lou Anne at my side.

In 2006, my daughter’s future was in question.

Like any parent, I would not take any chances.

As I researched experienced family court lawyers, the name that kept coming up was Lou Anne Coleman.

I have never regretted making that call. Lou Anne was knowledgeable, reliable and completely committed to helping me and my family through the most difficult time of my life.

Family court judge is a position which transcends party lines.

Some people may know me as a county legislator, but I am not writing this letter as a Democrat or as a politician. I am writing as a father who knows firsthand that this position, which will affect so many children and families, must be filled by the best person for the job.

In my experience, and in the experience of my family, that person is Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman.

Jake Mulcahey

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  1. I have had a similar experience in my family. For years my sons mother bounced from state to state rarely adhering to custody agreements set by multiple courts dependent on where my son and her where living at the time. I chose to go with Lou Anne as my lawyer when my son’s mother attempted to move to California without permission. Lou Anne saw how this situation was wrong, she knew the effects on the child and she did something about it. She took to the time to brush up on Virginia law (the state my son and his mother where living in at the time) and she did what she could do to get most of the court issues moved to Oswego court. The final custody hearing had to be held in Virginia. Lou Anne made sure our hard work and dedication wasn’t wasted on a new judge that didn’t have all the facts. Lou Anne made sure the evidence and the facts made it to the judge’s ears in in Virginia. Because of this the same old cycle that I had gone on again and again, was broken. The judge awarded me custody of my son. My son is a happy little boy, doing great with a stable home here in Oswego thanks to Lou Anne going the extra mile. Lou Anne cares enough, has the drive and technical ability to a great job for Oswego County. On a personal note, Thank you Lou Anne, words cannot describe my appreciation.

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