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Maxwells Will Stay In Jail

Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell will fight the appeal of their convictions from their jail cells.

Oswego County Court Judge Walter Hafner Wednesday said no to a request from their lawyer, Sal Lanza, to allow the Maxwells to remain free on bail during their appeal. […]

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It’s The Max For Maxwells, Parents Of Murdered Child

Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell received the maximum punishment the law allows for keeping a child in a house full of cats, animal feces, and garbage.

Palermo Town Justice Robert Wood sentenced the Maxwells to a year in jail for each of the four counts of child endangerment for which they were convicted. The law allows a maximum sentence of two years for the crime. If they behave in jail, they could be out in about 16 months. […]

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Lynn & Lindsey Maxwell: 2 Years In Jail

Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell got the maximum sentence Monday night in Palermo town court: 2 years in jail for endangering the welfare of Erin Maxwell.

Erin died in the family’s Palermo home, a home filled with animals and the smell of feces.  She died in her bedroom, a room that had two doors with locks on each one.

Her stepbrother, Alan Jones, was convicted of killing her.  He’s awaiting sentencing.  Erin’s father and stepmother were convicted after a two week town court trial of putting Erin in harm’s way by keeping an untidy home and by locking her in her room — charges the defense vigorously denied.

After court, a shouting match erupted when one of Lynn’s former coworkers shouted, “Bye, Lynn” at her.  Defense lawyer Sal Lanza, who had just asked the judge to ask everyone to stay silent, shouted back.

The shouting resumed in the parking lot, with Lanza telling people to “go back to their trailers” and “collect their welfare checks”.

The Maxwells will serve their time in the Oswego County Correctional Facility.

Lanza is appealing the conviction and plans to ask the judge to release the Maxwells on bail while the appeal is decided.

Full details later… […]