Take From The Poor, Give To The Rich!

To The Editor:
What are you saying Frank?

Isn’t it Take from the Rich and give to the Poor?

That is what Robin Hood and his Merry Men used to do.

Yes, that is what Robin Hood used to do and say.

But at the Oswego County Legislature the Band of Merry Men( in the Majority Caucus) feel that they should take from the Poor but give to the Rich.

Let me explain what I’m talking about.

At the March 14 full legislative meeting there was a resolution on the floor that requested that the water testing fee be raised by $10 from $20 to $30 for single home owner’s well water.

There were also fee increases for businesses as well.

I’m only talking about the single-family homeowner here.

This fee increase was preempted by the city of Oswego raising the costs from $15 to $25.

A way I believe for the city to pay for all the freebees it is giving away.

Well, the Minority Caucus made a motion to leave the water testing fee at $20 for the single-family home owners.

The motion was voted on and failed.

All of the Majority Caucus voted no.

I will try and give you their names later in this letter.

One legislator made a comment that went like this “Why should I ask the majority of the residents to pay for what a minority need.” I believe that is how it went.

My problem is this: Last year when the water levels of Lake Ontario were so high that it flooded the wells of all the expensive camps and homes along the water front, a request was made to waive the water testing fee for those home owners.

It was granted.

I voted for it also.

Almost 6 years ago when the homes along the river and creeks were flooded because the Army Corp of Engineers failed to release the water, I asked if the fees could be waived for the poor home owners that it wasn’t their fault.

Well lo and behold that request was denied with the reasoning that “Why should I ask all to pay for a few.”

My point is if you have money you don’t have to pay but if you don’t have money you have to pay.

Now these home owners all pay county and town and village taxes.

This is a service that should be included in those taxes; it shouldn’t be an add-on.

They pay an average of about $720 in county and about $240 or more in town and village taxes.

Services should be included in their taxes.

These Majority Caucus members feel you should pay.

I would say you can look at the minutes of the meeting to see who voted no on the amendment to keep the fees as is but that is the subject of another letter.

Here is the list that voted no: Kastler, Potter, Gilson, Holst, Martino, Trudell, House, Weatherup, Chesbro, Lockwood, Kline, Twiss, Walpole, Emmons, Broadwell, Wilbur, Karasek, Sorbello.

All of the Minority Caucus voted yes on the amendment.

So if you have a well and need your water tested it will cost you $10 more this year all thanks to your Majority Caucus.

Let them know how you feel, call them.

Legislator Frank Castiglia


  1. 2 questions. You represent a district that has public water…everyone in your district, yet you want them to help pay for those with wells???
    why on earth do you assume that everyone with a well is poor. Access to public water is not based on personal income and many that could have public water choose not to pay for that.

  2. Watching Who- I represent all the people not just the ones in my district..they are the ones that elected me yes but I represent all…now we in the district that elected me help pay for the Sheriff’s department that serves the rural area for the most part, we help pay the salary for the other 24 legislators also, we help pay for the county roads that most of the residents don’t use very often, it’s called paying for a service. The water testing is a service and should be covered by the county taxes. they choose not to hook up to public water because they can’t afford the hook up costs. I know my father use to live on Ct. rt. 42 and never hooked up to water line. used his well and septic for the twenty yrs he lived in the old homestead. It’s just the 1% get favors and the other 99% get taken advantage of…What else…not poor..just not rich…Touche..LOL

  3. So the people on wells should help pay for someone with a water bill for someone on public water?????
    I have a well (not hooking up was not a decision on income, we have great well water here) and your thought process of attempting to demean us as the poor wretched, underserved and ignored select few is so far off key….and there is no “Touche”

  4. Robert Hall, where in my letter did I say, wretched,underserved and ignored, you sir are among the few well owners that if needed, didn’t require help. I don’t see a Robert Hall that owns property in Oswego County that has a well. Try using your entire name next time, I do.

  5. Frank .I’m going to miss you when you retire..this county is in big trouble yet NOBODY shows up for these meetings,then when something doesn’t go right the complain about it… really people…I can’t say it LOUD ENOUGH..WAKE UP PEOPLE…these people running our local government are screwing all of us .they are dirty polliticions…they all are trying to help THEIR OWN RETIREMENT..the don’t care about the tax payer..Frank maybe I should run for your position..as you know I can ruffle there feathers..I have ALOT of crap on these here in Fulton..can’t wait till the next common council meeting..I would like to see a few hundred people show up..come on people..come see what these elected people are doing with our money..bet you all have a different opinion when you leave..

  6. Why should it be any different here the whole government taxes the little guy and gives all the breaks to the rich big guy. No it’s not right, why should we once again be punished. So I feel I have to side with Frank this time. Everyone should be treated fairly and equally, everyone should be represented the same and there should not be favors one time if there are not another time.

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