Tall Ship Trio To Visit Oswego For Festival

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Festival Of Sail will take place June 25, 26 & 27.

Pride of Baltimore II
Pride of Baltimore II

Three tall ships will visit the Port City during the three-day event.

Pride of Baltimore II is a reproduction of an 1812-era Baltimore Clipper privateer.

The ship is Maryland’s working symbol of the great natural resources and spectacular beauty of the Chesapeake Bay region, and a reminder of America’s rich maritime heritage.

As the world’s most traveled historic tall ship, the Pride of Baltimore was commissioned in 1988 as a sailing memorial to her immediate predecessor, the original Pride of Baltimore, which was tragically sunk by a white squall off Puerto Rico in 1986.


Both ships helped America win the War of 1812 and finally secure its freedom.

Roseway was built in 1925 in Essex, Mass., as a private fishing yacht.

The ship was purchased by the Boston Pilot’s Association in 1941 and was honored for its exemplary service during World War II.

Roseway was the last pilot schooner serving in the U.S. when it was retired in 1973.

In 1974, Roseway began service in the Maine windjammer fleet, and in 2002 was donated to the World Ocean School.

The ship is one of the last Grand Banks fishing schooners built in Essex, and is a registered U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Lynx is an interpretation of an actual privateer named Lynx built by Thomas Kemp in 1812 in Fell’s Point, Md.


It was among the first ships to defend American freedom by evading the British naval fleet then blockading American ports and serving in the important privateering efforts.

The Lynx was launched on July 28, 2001, in Rockport, Maine.

To book a ride/seat for a sail away on the Roseway, call (207) 236-7482 or email [email protected]

To book a ride/seat for a sail away on the Lynx, call 1-(866) 446-5969 or go to www.privateerlynx.org

For more information on the Oswego Festival of Sail event or for sponsorship opportunities, call (315) 402-8802.