Teen Drug Use Topic Of Rotary Meeting

FULTON, NY – Penny Morley, Prevention Services Director of Farnham Family Services, recently spoke to the noon Fulton Rotary Club about teenage drug use in Oswego County.

Charrise Kidd, Rotary program chairperson, introduced Penny.

Penny Morley, left, and Charrise Kidd
Penny Morley, left, and Charrise Kidd

Statistics show that 70% of youth in Oswego County use tobacco, alcohol or marijuana before the age of 15.

Penny pointed out that the hot ticket item is e-cigarettes.

Our kids fill them with cannabis oil and smoke it, receiving THCs of 70-80%.

Compare that to the marijuana of the 1970s,  which was 3 – 10%.

Penny also discussed other hallucinates that are being used by our teens and young adults.

Many of these drugs are highly addictive and very dangerous to our youth.

An interesting fact, if a youth is convicted of a felony they can never receive financial aid for a college education.

Farnham is doing what it can to educate both youth and parents about the dangers of drugs in Oswego County.

Farnham has offices in both Fulton and Oswego.

Parents should call Farnham if they would like to discuss drug abuse by their children.