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September 23, 2018

“Thank You” Luncheon Honors Volunteers at Parish Elementary School

A well-known proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.” At Parish Elementary School the same could be said about the education of a child.

It takes teachers, bus drivers, and support staff and it also takes the service and support of parents, grandparents and family member volunteers, the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Board of Education as well as many local community volunteers.

“Thank You” Luncheon Honors Volunteers at Parish Elementary School

“Thank You” Luncheon Honors Volunteers at Parish Elementary School

To honor these individuals and volunteers for their time, dedication and untiring support of Parish Elementary School and the success of hundreds of students throughout the 2011-20122 school year, PES Principal Michael McAuliff, the PES teaching staff and support staff hosted a Volunteer Luncheon on June 7.

Those invited to and honored at the luncheon include Luciette Karboski, Katrina Froats, Jacqueline Louer, Cindy Mueller, Tracy Sweeney, Patti Auringer, Peter King, Dan Dalin, Karen Dalin, Janice Dudden, Michelle Kimber, Hayden Kimber, Bobby Kimber, Elizabeth Johnson, Alexis Johnson, Rebecca Trumble, Rachel Trumble, David Downey, Amber Downey, Wanette Ceterski, Sharon Amyotte, Gerry Hudson, Tammy Kimber, A.J. Kimber, Michael Hale Sr., Michael Hale Jr., Helana Hale, Amanda Oderkirk, Gregory Oakes, Karen Oakes, Valerie Wade, Kara Wade, Melinda Romanowski, Willa Sargent, Elana Darrow, Becky Wheeler, Bonnie Horning, John Phillips, Judy Phillips, Sue Fox, Kelly DiFabio, Kyra Herzog, Kayla Perkins, Kara Perkins, Rosemary Place, Richard McDermott, Ernie Peters, Marie Radley, Melissa McDonnell, Reginald Ware, Theresa Familo, Yolanda West, Connie Lowe, Kelly Kennedy, Kathi Gaffey, Aaron Walter, Nancy Bobanick, Mary Bobanick, Michelle Ault, Heather Turk, Casey Brouse, Kimberly Penfield, Mary Ellen Flanagan, Shelly Stone, Maria Hendrix, Chris Weisenburger, and the Parish Volunteer Fire Company including members Roger Fox, LJ Harvey, Heather Campbell, Richard Barines, Flo Graves, Jake Petitt, and Richard Barling.

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