Thanks From the Conners Family

How do we begin to thank all of our family, friends, community members, and people across the country for all the support that has been sent our way over the past 6 months? We truly have been blessed by the outpouring of support from our neighbors, colleagues, friends and even perfect strangers who have committed wonderful random acts of kindness.

The support at the benefit on August 21st was humbling to say the least. A special thanks to the organizers of the event: Mark and Janet Woodworth, Jeff and Tracy Waldron, John and Karen Noel, and Lisa and Tom Hughes. You spent countless hours of your own time working to pull off this great event. We will be forever grateful. To the team of volunteers who gave selflessly of their own time setting up, working, and picking up again, we say thanks. To the numerous community organizations, local businesses, and individuals who made donations for the event and silent auction – we are overcome by your kindness and generosity, thank you. To the Tryniski family – thank you for hosting the event at Lakeview Lanes. It was the perfect venue. To Rick Bush, Jimmy D and the Jury and No Big Deal – thank you for sharing your musical talent and keeping us all entertained for the day. We also thank Caroline Markert and for providing the live video stream so friends, family and supporters who could not attend the benefit could watch from home. And last but not least to the hundreds of people who showed up at the benefit – we appreciate your continued support not only of Tim but of our entire family. We also want to thank all of the people who have also sent cards and donations our way. You have helped us a great deal and taken away any worries that we may have had.

When Tim was first diagnosed in April he spoke about the fact that he hoped his diagnosis would help to bring together students at GRB, our community, and even some of our family. We can honestly say after attending the benefit that Tim has done just that.

As we begin the next phase of our journey in Boston (Mikey at Oswego State) please know that your support means a great deal to us. Not a day goes by that we do not miss Fulton the place that our boys have always called home. We will be back and when we return and Tim beats this illness we will celebrate with all the people who helped us along our journey.

Thank you again for your kindness.
Mike, Betsy, Mikey, and Tim Conners