The Flip Side with Janel: Conclusion

By Janel Sullivan

At long last, dear readers, my college search is complete.

Applications were due in December. And after at least five essays (one main application essay and then all the “fun” short answer questions required by each college) as well as all those nit-picky history-of-your-life questions, a mouse click on the “send” box was all that remained. I had officially applied to Syracuse and Colgate.

Then the flood of “encouraging” letters came. Letters that all contained similar messages: “Bettcha can’t wait to find out if you’re accepted!” “We’re almost done!” “This year we’ve had the most applicants EVER!” “Is the suspense killing you?”

And, yes. The suspense was killing me.

That is, until a lovely day in March when an envelope just slightly larger than the others arrived. I had gotten in to Syracuse University. Oh yes, I had gotten in to Syracuse University.

So, after I got the acceptance letter, I scheduled myself a spot at the Spring Reception. Bright and early Monday morning of April break, my mom and I headed to SU. First we watched a movie about the history of SU. It was interesting, but lengthy, with way too much information squished into twenty minutes that early in the morning. But they made a nice recovery with the pleasant reminder that none of us will ever have to take the SAT again.

Then we headed to the next venture, a meeting with the school I am enrolled in. (Dual major in the school of education and the school of arts & sciences for English.) At the School of Education meeting, they had a student panel and answered all the questions about cars on campus and snow removal. As I was one of two people actually from the area present, the snow matter concerned me less. However, the Boston and Connecticut people sitting next to me took copious notes concerning the pros and cons of Ugg boots.

After the morning session, everyone attended lunch at the Carrier Dome. The names of all the prospective students flashed on the scoreboard. And the student radio station was there awarding prizes when people answered SU trivia questions. They were annoying, but what can you do?

After lunch, the afternoon session consisted of residential hall tours. We got to see BBB. {three residence halls connected in the basement and all their names start with ‘B’ [but I like to say B3 (B cubed)]} The tour guide was pretty good, though nothing can be as bad as the ballet dancer at Hamilton.

The best part was when everyone shoved into the elevator and somehow I ended up on the elevator with the tour guide and all the parents. As soon as they got the poor guy alone in a confined space the tough questions began. “So, what are the parties like here?” “Is alcohol allowed in the dorm rooms?” Personally, I felt bad for the guy.

Overall the tour was good, but once again long. By that time it was around 1:30 in the afternoon and SU Spring Reception was over. I’m glad I went, though it was more for people undecided about SU, than people like me who had made their decision when they saw the rather large envelope.

So, currently I’ve sent in the deposit, and applied for housing. All that’s left is to wait for the mountain more of paperwork I’ve been guaranteed. And even though I now have permanent writer’s cramp, I have a feeling everything’s going to be well worth it.

Well, that brings us to the end of my search for the “perfect fit” college. Trust me, it hurt you far less than it hurt me.

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