The Stray Birds Headed To Music Hall

OSWEGO, NY – The Stray Birds, a buzzed-about young acoustic trio will bring its rootsy sound to Oswego on February 16 when the group plays a concert at Oswego Music Hall –

Drawing upon the richness of American folk music traditions, the signature power of The Stray Birds sound lies in outstanding songwriting that soars in three-part harmony.

 From left are: Charles Muench, Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven.

From left are: Charles Muench, Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven.

Raised on music within a few miles of farmland from each other, The Stray Birds was  born of a compelling collaboration between two unique writers and vocalists, the pure, luxurious voice of Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven’s richness of tone and depth of delivery.

Grounding their sound in the unshakeable groove of bassist Charles Muench, the trio of captivating chemistry and sensitive musicality.

From bustling street corners to silent halls, their performances speak to an uncompromising reverence for songs.

Their debut CD was named one of the top 10 Folk/Americana albums of 2012 by NPR.

With miles of music already behind them, Maya and Oliver first shared a song in January 2010, in their hometown of Lancaster, Pa.

Maya had just returned from Europe, where she’d been traveling by bike and train, making her way as a fiddling street performer.

Oliver had been criss-crossing North America for two years as a harmony vocalist, fiddler, and guitarist for the Grammy-nominated Americana artist Adrienne Young.

His repertoire of original songs had been deepening along the way.

A snowy Pennsylvania winter welcomed collaboration between two such wanderers,  and inspired the collection of seven songs found on the Borderland EP.

With their good friend, Charles, laying down the bass lines, the trio landed its sound.

Their love of travel, however, has hardly waned.

An ambitious touring schedule reflects their embrace of the experience of live music.

“Music exists in a time and place, not just in a digital format,” said Charles.

Reveling in the energy of each room, a connection to the audience is the essence of their show.

Often singing into a single microphone, their sound is a raw resonance of wood and strings beneath three joyfully blended voices.

“Super-talented acoustic trio whose virtuosity doesn’t get in the way of their soul. Rich vocal harmonies, tight acoustic arrangements, heart-wrenching songs.” — Fly Magazine –