Town Board of Schroeppel Time for Change

I started to attend Schroeppel Town Board meetings after the Town Board passed a Resolution to support Bion Environmental Technologies to build a slaughterhouse that will process 72,000 cows a year along with 5 pods that will contain 14,400 cows each placed throughout Oswego County, and an ethanol plant that the manure will fuel.
My sister was involved in the process a lot sooner than I; she would attend a Board Meeting and be home in 30 minutes. She would say that the board would let her know that she was not a taxpayer in the town (which is not true), if she was involved in any speaking. I would listen thinking that is intimidation to say the least, isn’t this 2010? I eventually decided to get involved due to the way I felt the Town Board was handling the Bion issue or lack of handling it. It was right after attending the SUNY Oswego Bion forum which made me more worried about the project.
The first Town Board meeting I attended, I would see Town Board members openly laugh at their constituents in mockery (which they continue to do). Do they not remember who puts them in to office and whom they are to be representing? They would dismiss comments, not even looking at people as they spoke, they would yell at people and talk amongst themselves, completely ignoring the speaker. At the one of the meetings, the Town’s Attorney even yelled at one resident to shut up! The Town Board meetings have become more and more heated over Bion and now Montclair’s proposed mine with more and more people attending. The Town Board has become hostile asking someone who pointed out that they signed a resolution giving their support to Bion, which they have repeatedly claimed that they have not given their support that they only said that they would listen to what Bion has to say. As this person went back to her seat Board member Paul VanDyke asked her where she lives, in a very condescending tone, she answered back that she lived on Lamson Road, his reply was so you do not live in the Town of Schroeppel?… I thought so. She said no but my children attend Phoenix Schools (that makes her a taxpayer in the town). I ask you is this the behavior that you would expect from a person that is elected to protect his community, surrounding communities and our schools? This project will affect her family and her home. Board Member VanDyke went on to say that he is in support of the Bion project. Mr. Kline continually says to myself and my sister “the out of towner’s are here again” He tells the residents that “he is more vested than any of us”. Mr. Capenos states that we use “scare tatics”, that sounds more like the Town Board and you Mr. Capenos, not the residents of the Town.
Now, the Town Board wants to allow an industrial gravel mine that is directly over the Sand Ridge Aquifer that supplies drinking water for the Town of Schroeppel and the Village of Phoenix. They filed a Part 2 of the SEQR and listed that the mine “Will proposed action (meaning mining) affect any water body that is protected” they answered NO. This proposed mine parcel is in the Wellhead and Aquifer Protection. Even though Alan Montclair has requested a zoning change to remove his parcel from those protections. When I posed the question to the Town Board who filled this out? They all stared at me then, finally the Town Attorney said she did. I asked them if they had read it, because they voted on it. The Town does not want to do an Environmental Impact Study to see if in fact mining would affect our drinking water. Why not have the study done? Are they worried the report will say that it would affect our water? Having this report done to me would be Due Diligence on the Town Board’s part. Who do they represent Montclair or the residents? At the last meeting John Capenos stood up to say that he wants to redo the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Codes, he has already talked to Oswego County and it will cost the Town $12,000 for this to be done. He wants to make a budget change so that it can be done this year. Why would that be? Because allowing Montclair to mine is against the Town’s laws. So Mr. Capenos along with the Town Board wants to allow these changes for just one man? Wait.. this would also pave the way for other mines and Bion. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful for our town and our roadways? Didn’t I just see a legal notice from Cliff Hoyt, Highway Superintendent, that any trucks over 4 tons per axle (including load on) are temporarily not allowed on any roads in the Town Of Schroeppel? Would this include Montclair and Bion?

Now, all of a sudden Country Route 10 Water District is brought back into play. Why? So they can go ahead with their own agenda to allow projects like Montclair, Bion and others to come into the Town. If Mr. Montclair is allowed to mine his land, then it will open it up for more industrial mines in the town.
The bottom line is that this Town Board does not take the time to educate themselves on what they vote on or they rely on what one person tells them to do. There is the puppeteer and the 5 puppets that sit on this Board, it is time for you to take a stand. Maybe Town Board members should FOIL the Town to make sure you are receiving all the documents that are pertaining to these projects you are pushing through to see for yourself they are WRONG! We have and we can see it, why can’t YOU!
We, as residents and taxpayers of this Town, need to be at the Town Board meetings to let Paul Casler, Lynett Grecco, Paul Gilbert, Richard Kline, Paul VanDyke (and John Capenos). WE DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR AGENDA! IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE AND THE TIME IS NOW!

Mary P. Hall-Fisk