Tree Stewards Begin Pruning Program on Saturday

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Tree Stewards and friends will officially start their tree pruning on the streets this Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

“Some of us have already been working in this warmer weather, and I’m afraid this Saturday might be cold, so dress accordingly,” said June MacArthur, Oswego Tree Steward and co-chair Tree Advisory Board. “We will meet, but if it’s cold we may not last too long.”

They will be starting near West Albany and West Second (Nelson Funeral Home).

“I have no idea if the funeral home has a service, so we can’t really park in their parking lot. We’re going to be going west up Albany, so park along there,” June suggested.

This is going to be a different experience for them, working on the city’s street trees.

“So far, all our encounters with homeowners have been wonderful. They know about us and are happy to have us working on city trees,” she said. “But it is different from doing park city trees in that people are more possessive of their trees. We must respect the property owners and I expect we will  talk and explain to some owners how we are here to help their trees. Of the original group we can all tell you stories about people who thought we were killing there trees, but that has changed through exposure of our group through the media.”

Those taking part are asked to bring their orange vests if they have them. The stewards have a few to loan out. Wear bright coats or jackets since they will be close to the road.

If you have any pruning tools bring them, June added.

“You’ll be meeting some new people who are excited about trees and helping them grow,” she said.

For more information, contact June and Phil MacArthur at  432-9130, 532-0909 or 532-2579.